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Appreciating Spiky Profiles w/ Áine Maher

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Neuroinclusive Leadership w/ Jacqui Wilmshurst

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Pitfalls in the Hiring Process w/ Jacqui Wilmshurst

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Finding Your Niche w/ Graham Hulbert

Frequently asked questions

Why get upskill Neurodiversity Certified?

upskill Neurodiversity Certifications provide you with the skills to contribute to your team and role through embracing different neurotypes. This is a crucial skill and yet one typically overlooked by legacy learning solutions. These Certifications today are the standard for top organizations. For more information visit the About Uptimize section. 

Who uses upskill Neurodiversity Certifications?

upskill Neurodiversity Certifications are used by leading organizations globally to build happier, more engaged and more cohesive teams. 

How long does my certification last?

All certifications are valid for two years

Which certifications are right for me?

Every professional will benefit from starting with the Neurodiversity Certified Professional course - this provides the critical baseline of understanding and core skills for any contributor in any team. Beyond the Neurodiversity Certified Professional course are futher Certification courses that provide more role-specific insights, such as the Neurodiversity Certified Manager course: you can choose whichever of these suits your specific position. 

Who are the certifications for?

The Neurodiversity Certified Professional Certification is for any contributor in any team, with the more role-specific Certifications relevant for those in matching roles.

Is there content for neurodivergent professionals specifically?

The upskill Neurodiversity Certifications and other upskill platform content are designed for people of different neurotypes. We recognize, for example, that managers may be neurodivergent themselves. In the Uptimize live events, articles and resources you see on the upskill platform you will find some content specifically designed to help individuals overcome common barriers at work, and find ways of contributing their best work and highlighting the importance of embracing neurodiversity to others.

What is the up methodology and how does it work?

Uptimize's "up" methodology combines Universal Design - the proactive effort to ensure ways of working and work environments work for everybody - with Person-Centered Support, the ability to support individual contributors to navigate to find their best path to productivity and performance.

How can I share my upskill Neurodiversity certification?

After earning your certification you will see the option to share it on LinkedIn, Facebook or X (Twitter)

Who are upskill Neurodiversity Certifications available to?

The upskill Neurodiversity Certifications are currently available to any employee of an Uptimize customer.

Do I need to pursue multiple certifications?

It's up to you which Certifications to pursue. We recommend starting with the Neurodiversity Certified Professional Certification, regardless of your role. Further role-specific Certifications, such as those for Managers and Recruiters, may then also be helpful and relevant for you.

How long does a certification course take?

Different learners will naturally invest different time blocks in securing their upskill Neurodiversity Certifications. The courses are designed to take between 30-90 minutes to complete. 

What do certification courses consist of?

The upskill Neurodiversity Certifications consist of a variety of learning methods and experiences, from narrated video to text, interactive scenarios, and other exercises. All include a Certification Test at the end that you must pass to get your Certificate.

Can I retake the certification test if I don't pass first time?

Yes - you may retake the test as many times as you like.