Hi, we are Uptimize.

And thanks for being part of the upskill community! 

At Uptimize, our mission is to supercharge team performance by transforming people's understanding of how different brains work together.

Why Uptimize?

We are all wired differently. But teams often underperform because people simply don’t understand how different brains work together.

Understanding those differences unlocks new ways of working that demonstrably delivers an increase in team effectiveness. We call this Uptimization. Uptimized teams truly understand neurodiversity and can harness its power by adapting their ways of working to incorporate a wide variety of ways of thinking.

The enterprise neurodiversity certification.

Uptimize certifications are used and valued by top organizations and professionals globally.

A Message from our Founder

Thank you for being part of the upskill community! By appreciating and leveraging neurodiversity, we can build stronger teams and maximize our individual and our collective potential.
We appreciate you being part of this movement!
Ed Thompson, Uptimize founder and author of "A Hidden Force - Unlocking the Potential of Neurodiversity at Work". 
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